Neo4j Enhances Marketing Pipeline and Increases Registrations with IDG Sales Development Services | Case Study

Client Neo4j: Database impacted by GDPR is revived by IDG specialist services, presenting new opportunities for Neo4j’s annual event series.

World leaders in graph database management software, Neo4j had a problem that many B2B Marketing teams across the world will be familiar with. Having reviewed its database during preparations for GDPR compliance in 2018, Neo4j removed all individuals without explicit opt-in, leaving a reduced list. Understanding that they needed a specialist outsourced partner to help them to rebuild their opt-in database, Neo4j partnered with IDG Sales Development Services and achieved massive success over the course of the programme. Beginning a new partnership, it was important that Neo4j saw return on investment, so an initial proof of concept was agreed. A 30-day trial was carried out on their German, Swiss and UK database to address two areas:

a) to build a GDPR compliant database of opted-in contacts

b) to fill in data gaps with business card data where possible

The SDS Program

In preparation, SDS agents were trained on the Neo4j brand and key messaging, and were also integrated into the company email system and CRM. This allowed real-time data to flow to the Neo4j teams. SDS agents delivered to Neo4j an impressive opt-in rate of 79% from an account list of over 500 contacts.

As a result of this successful trial, Neo4j commissioned an extension. A new programme was launched which focused on driving registrations to Neo4j’s Graph Tour series of events in eight cities across Europe – Amsterdam, Madrid, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, London, Munich, Paris and Rome. IDG Sales Development Services was able to offer the expertise and scale they needed to achieve their goals.

Neo4j Results

The SDS team first called this new database to obtain opt-in data, and in each successful case educated them on the regional event. The team secured an impressive 90% opt-in rate against individuals they contacted, and from this 90%, 44% of registrations were secured – far beyond the agreed expectations for the programme.

Throughout the program, SDS provided Neo4j, as it does to all clients, with daily email reports on progress, as well as a weekly call to summarize the week’s activity to make sure the program stayed on track. This ensured a smooth program which far surpassed Neo4j’s original objectives.