Why blending in-house and outsourced sales development works

Sales development and lead nurturing is the fuel that drives your organization towards high conversion. But, as we all know, it is getting more difficult, especially for technology organizations. Why has sales development become more complex? Because the competition is growing at breakneck speed, buyers have more options than ever before. With every technology organization […]

Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Campaigns: What is the difference?

Understanding the Customer Journey and Sales funnel Today’s customers make their own purchasing decisions, based on research, relationships, and evaluations. It is no longer an option to simply sell to potential buyers and hope for the best. Leads can find hundreds of competitors, so you need to show them why your solution is right for […]

What is sales enablement?

A quick introduction to sales enablement and supercharging your lead conversion strategies Like most things in life, having the right tools and putting a winning plan in place is key to success. Your sales team is no different. To close deals and effectively sell to potential buyers, they need resources on hand to do the […]

7 ways technology marketers can improve lead nurturing with personal touchpoints

Lead nurturing fosters engagement and long-term success  Lead nurturing is the process of purposefully engaging qualified prospects by offering them relevant information and supporting them in their journey through the decision-making process. Personalized advice addresses specific buyer needs and pain points with useful and non-promotional information that leads them to resolution and establishes your company […]

How to automate your lead nurturing strategy

A quick introduction to lead nurturing with automation Lead nurturing is essential for seizing opportunities to move your leads down the sales funnel and turning them into buyers. However, lead nurturing strategies require consistent, personalized, and timely contact. By sending leads engaging and timely content that is consistent with their place in the customer journey […]

The complete guide to lead nurturing

A quick introduction to lead nurturing: How it is vital for converting leads Do you have marketing and sales-qualified leads that never convert, no matter how many times your sales team calls them? It’s because today’s potential buyers are far more market savvy and have more needs than ever. Leads are aware of your competitors, […]

The complete guide to lead qualification

A quick introduction to lead qualification: How it is vital for boosting sales conversion Did you know that lead generation is only half the battle? All too often, we see businesses of all types and sizes think you need to get as many leads as possible, and then hand them over to your sales team […]

12 best practices for managing BDR teams in the technology sector

Nobody said running a business development representative (BDR) team in the technology sector is a straightforward process. In simple terms, it is hard to recruit and retain staff, they get diverted into doing other tasks, systems may be old and it can be challenging to scale the business in a timely fashion. All these challenges […]

Overcome people retention challenges in sales development

To overcome the challenges of people retention, in late 2020, Foundry Sales Development Services surveyed over 300 respondents working in marketing within technology companies. This blog takes a deeper look at understanding the challenges organizations face when hiring and retaining talented staff and provides useful recommendations to improve sales conversion. Keeping up with changes in […]

Sales Development Operations: Here’s What Could Go Wrong

You have a great product and have started to develop the sort of reviews and reputation that should appeal to at least a sizeable chunk of an IT market that Foundry says will pass $5 trillion in value this year. You have recruited partners for a channel program, put together solid sales and marketing teams […]