Technology Content Marketing 2020: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

Content Marketing Institute’s new research finds that 74% of technology marketers have a content marketing strategy. Download this report to uncover how other organizations are utilizing content marketing techniques and benchmark yourself against the competition. Download the report to learn: Top content challenges that tech marketers face Content marketing goals for the coming year Leading […]

MarketingFit Content Marketing 101

 Content really is king. But, as critical as a content strategy is to your overall marketing plan, many tech marketers still struggle to create relevant and interesting content to engage their target audience. So, how do you create great content that will resonate with tech buyers and make your organization stand out from the rest? […]

It’s Time for Content Marketers to Narrow the ‘Value Gap’

IDG’s Customer Engagement survey, now in its 7th year, always includes a few surprises. But it also includes a few themes that carry over from year to year. The one constant that deserves marketers’ full attention is what I call the “value gap”– the disconnect between IT buyers’ need for relevant, helpful content and technology […]

Insights from Inbound – 3 Tactics to Engage Your Target Audience

Earlier this month, IDG Communications’ marketing team attended HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference. As always, the conference was a hub of thought leadership, high-level strategic insights, and an environment for marketers to get inspired and embrace transformation for our field. Our team attended several interactive sessions at INBOUND 2019 and left with quality takeaways to revitalize […]

Content Mapping Strategy: Leveraging Assets to Reach Tech Buyers

Many technology marketers have more content than they’re aware of. What they lack is a consistent and disciplined way to categorize and apply it. Rob O’Regan, whose background is equal parts editor and content marketer, shares how marketers can adopt a structured and rigorous process to identify opportunities and content gaps in IDG’s MarketingFit webcast […]

Crafting Personas to Engage the Empowered Tech Decision-Maker

Buyer personas are a staple of B2B content marketing, but the details of creating and applying them can spark panic in some marketers. Relax, says Matt Naffah, Vice President of Strategic Marketing Services, IDG Communications. The process of building personas needn’t be intimidating. In fact, it’s a terrific way for an organization to understand buyer […]

MarketingFit Content Marketing Webcast Series

Join us for our MarketingFit Content Marketing Webcast Series with our Experts! Our three-episode webcast series – taught by IDG’s own content, strategy and insight experts – will guide you through creating an effective content marketing strategy. The series will also help you scale your reach and effectively use data and targeting insights to assist your organization in honing […]

3 ways to separate your content marketing from the pack

Technology marketers are making steady progress in the art and science of brand storytelling – aka content marketing. In the B2B tech edition of the Content Marketing Institute’s latest study (sponsored by IDG), 75% of tech marketers say their content marketing efforts are more successful than they were a year ago. Nearly half (49%) believe […]

How to ensure data and brand safety

2019 is the year that digital advertising spending surpassed television’s ad revenue. The data that drives all that online ad spending is itself a $10 billion business. And, yet the market for third-party targeting/audience data is still the wild west and shows no signs of changing. In fact, the latest landscape shows nearly 8,000 […]

Technology Content Marketing 2019: Benchmarks, Budgets And Trends

Content Marketing Institute’s latest research shows technology marketers are seeing more success with content marketing. According to the research, 75% of tech marketers reported their organization is more successful with content marketing compared with one year ago.  Download the report to learn:    The top 3 most effective content types and formats used by tech marketers  Where tech marketers focusing […]

14 Marketing Quotes We Love

For decades, marketers have diligently worked to balance art and science in their campaigns. Those successful in this endeavor educate their prospects, build loyalty with customers, get people talking, and overall boost sales. As we plug away on our 2019 projects during the doldrums of winter, we all could use a little inspiration to stay […]

Business Value Exchange Models Future of Content Marketing

A fifth consecutive year for the Business Value Exchange (BVEx) proves the value of an agile style of corporate marketing: it continues to deliver the ultimate return by enabling regional marketing teams to roll out integrated global and local campaigns and engage with their company’s target customers. BVEx as an exemplar of modern content marketing […]