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Our event series connects you to guaranteed volumes of active IT buyers in the UK, who rely on our content to help inform their business decisions.

In 2023, we will generate over 1,300 prospects for our partners, 74% of which are expected to be C-suite or Director-level stakeholders, based on previous results.

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December 6, 2022Ireland, United Kingdom

CSO 30 Awards UK

CSO 30 UK recognizes 30 IT leaders within the UK – from security specialists to IT directors/heads – who have made significant contributions to the advancement of information risk management and security within their organisations.

Entering the awards is a great way to celebrate your successes, advance your career and inspire the next generation of IT leaders. Winners will also be invited to an virtual awards celebration on 6 December, taking place alongside the CSO 30 Conference UK.

February 2023Ireland, United Kingdom

CIO and Infoworld DevOps Summit

March 2023United Kingdom

CIO Customer & Employee Experience Forum

May 2023United Kingdom

CIO Digital Enterprise Forum

June 2023Ireland, United Kingdom


Next CIO is the annual awards and mentoring program helping aspiring IT leaders to develop their careers, build their network and improve their skillsets.

This is an opportunity for aspiring digital, data and technology leaders to join an exclusive community that supports inclusion, career development and progress, and for current CIOs and business leaders to reward their colleagues and peers on what they have achieved.

September 2023Ireland, United Kingdom

CIO 100 Awards + Conference UK

The CIO 100 Conference UK provides a unique opportunity to gain insight from UK and global CIO 100 award winners in one place. Hear how they have built diverse and inclusive teams, created innovative IT strategies, delivered crucial technology projects, and have driven key transformation efforts over the last 12-18 months.

September 21, 2023Ireland, United Kingdom

Official CIO Summit UK

The Official CIO Summit UK will focus on how IT professionals are leading the change – moving IT at the speed of digital business and developing business acumen.

From discussing how to create a more data-driven business, through to the slow burn to sustainable IT, the Summit provides you with insight on how your peers are tackling a range of similar challenges, as well as new, proven ideas that can benefit your business, and career, now.

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John Smith
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John Smith
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John Smith
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